Spotlight on SpikeFast®, the Signature Product of WVCO Railroad Solutions

SpikeFast by WVCO Railroad Solutions

“SpikeFast® enables maintenance crews to revisit the same track for re-gauging operations less often, allowing their resources to be reallocated for greater efficiency.”

Rail is one of the most economical and efficient modes of transportation, resulting in more jobs and billions of dollars saved annually. As the industry continues to grow, so do the challenges. This growth has prompted WVCO Railroad Solutions to create leading-edge products and solutions like SpikeFast®.

Before 1999, the only spike-hole plugging products on the market for wood-tie remediation were wooden plugs and a rigid foam product. While these products were effective, they presented many challenges to railroad maintenance crews. They needed spike-hole plugging products that could last longer and perform well in extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, freezing temperatures and high humidity.

A new design concept was needed and Willamette Valley Company responded by developing a tie-plugging compound for wood & composite railroad ties. The result was SpikeFast®, a more reliable and efficient system of wood-tie remediation.

Here are eight additional facts about SpikeFast®:

#1`- SPIKEFAST® was designed to plug spike holes in both concrete ties and wood ties.

#2- Performance tests commissioned by class one railroads indicate SpikeFast® outperforms wood plugs and foam in both lateral resistance and pullout resistance.

#3- It is a dual-component, non-foam polyurethane product designed to anchor cut-spikes or screw-spikes.

#4- SpikeFast has achieved high marks in tests, such as spike insertion and withdrawal.

#5- SpikeFast has earned high results in lateral resistance testing. The testing showed a proven resistance of 20 percent higher than previously un-spiked hardwood ties.

#6- One gallon of this product can fill approximately 150 spike holes.

#7- SpikeFast® is WCCO’s Railroad Solutions top selling product, known for its quick cure time, superior gauge holding, and dynamic rail roll over.

#8- It is easy to apply when dispensed from hand-held canisters or bulk containers through a uniquely designed, pressure/temperature controlled meter.

SpikeFast by WVCO

Are your crossties holding gauge? See how we solved Spike-Kill and how to extend the service life of your crossties. Visit to learn more about SpikeFast and WVCO’s Railroad Solutions.



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