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“We revolutionize industries with the work we do.”

We don’t just do business with-customers. We collaborate for mutual growth. We work with our customers to critically understand the challenge and develop a product/solution to meet their needs.

Our Innovation Process


At WVCO, we perceive problems as challenges – opportunities to bring value to the industry. As an innovation-driven organization, we thrive when industrial challenges are steep and demand robust interdisciplinary expertise.

What challenge are you facing and how can we help?
If you had the best industrial innovators, what would you change in your product?



Customer Driven

We create value-added products that solve complex challenges for our customers.


Commitment to Safety and Quality

Every day, we demonstrate our commitment to safety and quality by delivering products and services you can trust.



We work together to create time-sensitive solutions that meet our customers’ needs.


Cost Effective

We deliver high-quality, service-oriented and cost-effective solutions. That’s why we’re the supplier of choice in the markets we serve.


Our solutions bring overall values to our customers. Products we develop help create a more efficient process, improve safety and aid in comprehensive business growth.

Case Studies

Infrastructure & Construction

HPRE (High-Performance Rail Encapsulator)

See how we created a solution that was electrically isolating, reduced noise and vibration, was simple to install in existing infrastructure, and was cost effective.

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Wood Products

Liquid Repair

Discover our liquid wood-repair product that increases efficiency, reduces cost, and meets the highest standards of safety for a global B2C furniture manufacturer.

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Eclectic Products

Shoe Goo

Learn how we altered a popular product’s chemistry to comply with evolving regulations while keeping its effectiveness.

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Wood Products

Extended Wax

Read about how we evolved wax emulsion technology by creating a natural, bio-based extended wax while exceeding safety and performance standards.

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Exec. VP – Operations

Major Engineering Contractor Company

“You have great products that have great performance and your customer service is outstanding. I certainly would like to see this product used on every project.”


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