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The Willamette Valley Company is a growing organization of over 500 employees at 12 locations worldwide. We are proud to employ the most talented, dedicated and experienced personnel in the industry, and we invite you to consider joining our team.


Our Culture

The Willamette Valley Company is a diverse, motivated team passionate about what we do. We are committed to continuous improvement, collaboration and service. We believe in working hard to deliver what we promise.

Our Values

Since 1952, our company has been built on integrity, hard work and respect. These values must be expressed in our work and embodied in our actions as they form the basis by which we do our jobs, make decisions and measure our performance. Our unwavering commitment to maintaining our values is what defines us as a company.

Employee Benefits

As a family-owned business, our employees’ health, well-being and success are important to us. That’s why we provide the best quality benefits possible, including:

  1. 1

    Competitive health care plan

  2. 2

    Dental, vision, term life and supplemental insurance

  3. 3

    401(k) retirement plan

Employee Highlight

11 Years at WVCO

Sarah France

Director of Regulatory Affairs

The Willamette Valley Company

Sarah started as an hourly employee in 2012 with the company’s then Compliance Department. She has grown with WVCO across several positions within her department to her current role as Director of Regulatory Affairs, a position she has held since 2019.

“Directing Regulatory Affairs in this company’s context means deepening your commitment to professional development and continuous improvement. This requires resilience first, preparation second, and willingness to self-evaluate and change. But more importantly, a strong and unified team of professionals working toward a common goal is the secret sauce. WVCO makes this possible by investing in two critical elements: our employee’s professional certification and growth, and cutting edge technologies that enable us to keep pace.”

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