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Benefits of Building Schools with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

Is Wood the Future of New School Construction? “Supporters hail mass timber’s potential: the ability to speed up construction timelines in an industry plagued by inefficiencies; less environmental wear and tear; an attractive visual aesthetic; and the economic contribution of … Continue reading

Spotlight on SpikeFast®, the Signature Product of WVCO Railroad Solutions

“SpikeFast® enables maintenance crews to revisit the same track for re-gauging operations less often, allowing their resources to be reallocated for greater efficiency.” Rail is one of the most economical and efficient modes of transportation, resulting in more jobs and … Continue reading

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September, 2021

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From Wood Products To "What If?"

What began 60 years ago supplying innovative solutions to the wood products industry has grown to include a diverse range of problem-solving products and services in numerous industries throughout the world.

Today, we are leaders in providing this wide range of high-performance solutions, from coatings, fillers, and adhesives to robotics, parts, and engineering. And companies across the globe continually turn to us first for custom solutions to their specific challenges.

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